For Students

***At this time, only Dr. Shadoan accepts students. Drs. Blackman and Gilmartin are not accepting students.***

Please do not call our office. Prior to contacting Dr. Shadoan via email, you must read/watch the appropriate items linked below. Then send your CV and a brief statement of your interest in Osteopathy (for DO students and residents list all prior OMM Courses, Conferences and Rotations). Once Dr. Shadoan has reviewed your request, he will let you know how to proceed.

Due to high demand, students may need to schedule about 2 months in advance for shadowing and often longer for a rotation. Most of your questions should be answered on the website, so you will not need to contact our busy office staff. If you need to cancel, please give us sufficient notice so that we may schedule another student.

For Pre-Health Professions Students:

For Osteopathic Medical Students and Residents
(Two Week NMM/OMM Rotation only, not an FP Rotation)

For All Students:

 Students are only allowed in the treatment room with the specific permission of each patient.

While in our office, it is essential that students are aware of patients, other providers and office staff utilizing our limited space. Students are to remain out of the way when in the waiting room. If the patient does not consent to your presence in the treatment room, feel free to take a short walk outside, especially if the waiting room is crowded. 

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