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Andrew Weil, MD – Spontaneous Healing. After traveling the world in SpontaneousHealingsearch of healing practices, Dr. Weil finds a DO, Bob Fulford, who embodies his vision of health right at home.

Robert Fulford, DO – Dr. Fulford’s Touch of Life* – Bob Fulford tells his  own story.TouchofLife

A Brief Guide to Osteopathic Medicine, For Students, By Students – An overview of the Osteopathic profession as a whole, specifically written for potential applicants but informative for the general public as well.

Maud Nerman, DO – Healing Pain and Injury* – A book for patients and those interested in taking charge of their own healing with the help of Osteopathy and other natural approaches.

BriefGuide-Cvr-100pxBonnie Gintis, DO – Engaging the Movement of Life* – A look at Osteopathy and its relationship to the Continuum movement.

Ada Sutherland – With Thinking Fingers* – The biography of William Sutherland, DO, a pioneering Osteopathic physician, written by his wife.

Andrew Taylor Still, MD – The Autobiography of A.T. Still** – By and about the physician who founded Osteopathic medicine.


John Lewis, DO – A.T. Still: From the Dry Bone to the Living Man – Perhaps the most complete biography of Dr. Still, this book tells his life story and how the profession was founded and developed.

Norman Gevitz, PhD – The DO’s: Osteopathic Medicine in America – A history of the Osteopathic profession.

Thomas Quinn, DO – The Feminine Touch, Women in Osteopathic Medicine

William Faber, DO – The Osteopathic Medicine Advantage: How Medical Miracles Are Made

Engaging-the-Movement-of-Life(* available through the OCA,  ** through the AAO, others through major booksellers)
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