Andrew Weil, MD – Spontaneous Healing. After traveling the world in SpontaneousHealingsearch of healing practices, Dr. Weil finds a DO, Bob Fulford, who embodies his vision of health right at home.

TouchofLifeRobert Fulford, DO – Dr. Fulford’s Touch of Life* – Bob Fulford tells his  own story.

John Lewis, DO – A.T. Still: From the Dry Bone to the Living Man – Perhaps the most complete biography of Dr. Still, this book tells his life story and how the profession was founded and developed.

A Brief Guide to Osteopathic Medicine, For Students, By Students – An overview of the Osteopathic profession as a whole, specifically written for potential applicants but informative BriefGuide-Cvr-100pxfor the general public as well.

Frank R. Wilson, MD – The Hand: How its use shapes the brain, language, and human culture – an argument for the deep relationship between our hands and our minds. After reading this book you may wonder why there is no conventional medical specialty devoted to the use of the hand as a primary diagnostic and therapeutic tool. HealingInjury

Maud Nerman, DO – Healing Pain and Injury* – A book for patients and those interested in taking charge of their own healing with the help of Osteopathy and other natural approaches.

Bonnie Gintis, DO – Engaging the Movement of Life* – A look Engaging-the-Movement-of-Lifeat Osteopathy and its relationship to the Continuum movement.

Ada Sutherland – With Thinking Fingers* – The biography of William Sutherland, DO, a pioneering Osteopathic physician, written by his wife.

Andrew Taylor Still, MD – The Autobiography of A.T. Still** – By and about the physician who founded Osteopathic medicine.

Norman Gevitz, PhD – The DO’s: Osteopathic Medicine in America – A history of the Osteopathic profession.

Thomas Quinn, DO – The Feminine Touch, Women in Osteopathic Medicine
See the associated PBS documentary here.

William Faber, DO – The Osteopathic Medicine Advantage: How Medical Miracles Are Made

(* available through the OCA,  ** through the AAO, others through major booksellers)
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